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Body Armor for the Extremities, Arms, and Legs

  • Introduction to IED Body Armor

  • The Interceptor Vest Body Armor worn by U.S. Army and Marines in Iraq

  • Existing Body Armor Products

  • Primary U.S. Military Body Armor Manufacturers / Suppliers

  • Body Armor Design Criteria

  • Protective Ratings and Standards of Body Armor

  • Materials Used in Construction of Body Armor

  • SAPI & ESAPI Ballistic Plates / Inserts

  • Sizing of Body Armor

  • Bibliography of Body Armor for IED

  • Patents on Body Armor for IED

  • Body Armor Research & Testing Facilities

  • Improvised Explosive Devices IEDs

  • Injuries from Improvised Explosive Devices IED

  • Other Possible Benefits of Body Armor for IED

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  • Purchasing Body Armor for a Individual Soldier

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    About Us

    Body Armor for IED Information Center is a Polson Enterprises web site. Polson Enterprises supplies market, technical, patent and legal information support to several industries to support the development of innovative new products.

    Body Armor, sometimes spelled Body Armour, is an area undergoing rapid change to the simultaineous develpement of new materials and new threats. Nowhere is this more obvious than in military applications of Iraq and Afghanistan where roadside bombs and other Improvised Explosive Devices, IEDS, continue to become more powerful and more complex.

    It is our hope this site will help designers, engineers, manufacturers from both the civilian and military sector sector meets this challenging application by providing them with easy access to body armor and IED information they might otherwise have at their fingertips, or even be able to find.

    This site may also be of benefit to legislators, reporters and others trying to rapidly come up to speed on body armor as it relates to IEDs, Explosively Formed Projectiles (EFPs) also known as Penetrators, and related weapons in Iraq and other areas of the world.


    Please let us know how we are doing at answering your questions, if you like what you see, if you have any suggestions, or if you would just like to drop us a line. E-mail us at

    Disclaimer and Copyright

    This site attempts to speed up and simplify the process of designing, developing, and manufacturing body armor for the extremities by bringing together many sources of information and making them rapidly available. It does NOT provide professional advice. Any decisions in design, development, manufacturing, purchase or use of body armor remain your responsibility. Polson Enterprises and Gary Polson assume no responsibility for use of this information.

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