ReX-10 Barking Dog Alarm

ReX-10 is manufactured by X-10 (USA). ReX-10 adds security to your home. He barks fiercely when activated by his optional motion detector or your key chain remote. This particular product does not include a "dog statue". I believe I have read somewhere of one that did.

This product is not a typical "virtual pet" but does perform some of the duties of a pet so we included it. The information below came from a distributor's web site.

Rex-10 Barking Dog Alarm

With the touch of a button REX's fierce bark will help deter any unwelcome visitor. ReX-10 is an easy to use device to make it sound like you have a guard dog in your home. You simply place ReX-10 by a door or window , plug him into a nearby outlet, adjust his volume, and he is ready to go.

Use the included DR10A keychain remote to start and stop ReX-10's barking. Keep a remote near your bedside. When you hear as strange noise activate ReX-10. A few seconds after Rex starts barking he will send a X-10 on signal to selected X-10 modules to turn on a light either inside or outside. This will make it look like Rex's barking alerted someone inside the home.

X-10 offers an optional outdoor motion detector that will activate ReX10's barking when motion is detected. The DM10A motion detector is battery operated and wireless so it is easy to mount. When you arm ReX-10 he will start barking whenever the detector senses motion - alerting you and helping to deter intruders.

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