Rocket the Wonder Dog

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Made by Fisher-Price, Rocket the Wonder Dog was launched Sept. 26, 2000 at FAO Schwartz in New York in a ceremony including Buzz Aldrin, one of the first men on the moon.

Rocket has several commands including; SIT, SPEAK, STAND, LAY DOWN, WALK, BAD PUPPY, BEG, SHAKE, TRICK. He even stands on his head and scratches fleas. He sits, begs and barks just like a real dog. Rocket burps after chewing his detachable bone and can move his eyebrows and wag his tail.

His bright red nose makes him one of the most colorful robot dogs on the market.

You communicate with Rocket via a headset or a small hand-held unit wired to device worn on your wastband. Fisher-Price calls the system a PPT (Personal Puppy Training System). It has beginner and expert settings allowing young kids to control Rocket via push buttons (lables illustrate each trick) on the hand-held remote controller and older kids to control hands-free using voice commands. Your headset and/or the hand-held remote communicates with Rocket's headset.

Jim Silver, co-publisher of Toy Wishes Magazine said, "Rocket has incredible technology and features some of the most unique qualities like expressive eyes and remarkable realistic behavior."

Rocket takes 3 "D" batteries and one 9-volt battery, plus three AAA batteries for the headset.

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