Me and My Shadow

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MGA Entertainment's Me and My Shadow learns your voice and responds to only your commands. You can name him, he learns his name and obeys COME, SIT, SPEAK, STAY, GET UP, DROP IT (bone), TUG O'WAR and WANNA PLAY commands. He can bark, pant, sniff, play and growl just like a real puppy. He comes with a travel carrier, voice recognition headset, clip-on controller and a doggie bone. The product was launched with Gold, Black and Chocolate colors.

Me and My Shadow is one of the first "soft" robot dogs. Most other units are more mechanical in look and feel.

He sits down and goes to sleep in 1 1/2 minutes after the last command. To wake him up, say his name or press the mode button on the headset. He will stand, bark and await your command.

Me and My Shadow does not lie down, avoid obstacles or respond to touch.

Designed for ages 3 and up. Three feet is the suggested operating range, Maximum operating range is 10 feet indoors. Requires four C batteries and a 9 volt battery in the headset.

The operators manual is online in Adobe Acrobat format on the MGA Entertainment site. You must have the Acrobat reader installed to view it. We commend MGA Entertainment for placing the operating manual online and hope others will follow their example.

Communication is accomplished using infrared transmitting LEDs in the headset and placing IR sensors behind Me and My Shadow's eyes (made of special plastic to allow the infrared signals to pass).

"Talky toys listen up" in the 7 December 2000 issue of Machine Design says Me and My Shadow's steering mechanism is based on the Ackerman steering which is very similar to rack-and-pinion automotive steering. "The system consists of four-bar linkages for each leg and a universal joint for the front legs, which not only lets the legs rotate, but also move forward for walking."

Me and My Shadow Traveler

Me and My Shadow has a travel box, just like real dogs.

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