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About Us

Polson Enterprises is a consulting firm supplying informational support to new product development. We have been involved in the Virtual Pet industry since 1996. As part of our effort to assist innovation in virtual pet games, we webmaster the Virtual Pet Home Page and the Yu-Gi-Oh Portal. We also provide virtual pet design consulting services to industry firms and maintain a very large archive virtual pet research and historical memorabilia. Over the years we have been involved with virtual pets in a wide range of formats (plush toys, keychain pets, robotic pets, trading card pets, CD Rom based pets, wireless virtual pets for mobile phones, web based pets, etc).

We have been an Associate of Amazon Bookstore for several years. In addition to our Yu-Gi-Oh! Store, we operate several bookstores in conjunction with Amazon including:

We hope you have enjoyed our coverage of Yu-Gi-Oh and found it helpful.

Polson Enterprises
P.O. Box 1381
Stillwater OK 74076


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