Yu-Gi-Oh Dragon Card

Yu-Gi-Oh Cards Explained

An overview of Yu-Gi-Oh cards and the game is presented below.

The game is played with three types of cards: Monster Cards, Trap Cards and Magic Cards. Monster cards are used to attack your opponent. There are 20 different types of monsters. Each monster has an attribute indicated by a symbol on the top right corner of its card. There are 6 attributes in all (earth, water, fire, wind, light, dark). The type of monster and its attribute determine its ability to attack or defend. The number of stars in the upper right corner of a monster card represent the monster's strength. The two numbers in the lower right corner of the card represent its number of Attack and Defend points.

Monster cards are color coded yellow.

Fusion Monster Cards allow to "fuse" two or more specific monsters together. Fusion Monster cards are violet.

Effect Monster Cards have magical effects. They are color coded orange.

The Blue Eyes White Dragon card shown at right was the first card ever introduced and remains the favorite of the game's creator, Kazuki Takahashi.

Yu-Gi-Oh Blue-Eyes White Dragon card
Magic Cards have a wide range of magical abilities. Some make your monster stronger and your opponent weaker by a specific number of points others may alter the conditions of the field, The effect of some Magic Cards is temporary while the effect of others lingers on. Magic Cards are color coded green.

Trap cards are literally traps on the field that can be activated after your opponents turn. As with magic cards the effect of some Trap Cards only lasts one turn, while the effect of others lingers on.

Once you understand the basics about the cards, more details on how to actually play the game, strategies and other details can be found on the Deuling page.

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