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Press Release

Konami issues Yu-Gi-Oh! License
to 4Kids Entertainment

KONAMI Announced U.S. Deployment of 'YU-GI-OH!'

Konami Corporation
8 May 2001
KONAMI CORPORATION (CEO: Kagemasa Kozuki, Hereafter Konami) decided U.S. deployment of game software and card game of mega-hit character 'YU-GI-OH! DUELMONSTERS'.

Konami signed license agreement on use of the character with 4Kids Entertainment, Inc. (CEO: Alfred R Kahn, Headquarters N.Y.) which obtained the merchandising and television rights of 'YU-GI-OH! DUELMONSTERS' in U.S. and plans release of merchandise in Christmas season.

'YU-GI-OH!' comic serial started in '96 on Shueisha weekly magazine 'Shonen JUMP' (weekly circulation of 3.5 million) and marked 30 million sales in book form. TV animation program based on the comic is also aired with high ratings.

Konami implemented wide range of merchandising of 'YU-GI-OH!' game software, card game and goods since '98. It has become one of the leading contents of Konami with accumulated sales of 7 million units of game software and 3.5 billion sheets of card game.

Introduction of the character of tremendous boom in Japan, 'YU-GI-OH! DUELMONSTERS' is drawing strong expectation and attention from U.S. media. Konami plans release of 'YU-GI-OH DUELMONSTERS' software for GameBoy and card game starting Christmas season with synergistic sales promotional effect of combing TV program and various types of merchandise.

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