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Archive for June, 2007

Tamagotchi for Wii Ships

Per Video Game Generation, Namco Bandai began shipping Tamagotchi Party On! for Nintendo’s Wii platform on 29 May 2007. The game features a presidential election, Rock Paper Scissors and other games taking advantage the Wii’s motion features.

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A 28 June 2007 Bandai press release reports three Tamagotchi characters (Mametchi, Memetchi, and Kuchipatchi) are out interviewing for jobs this summer as they travel around the country to baseball stadiums, zoos, theme parks and other public places. (Think dressed up mascots traveling in a Tamagotchi van, maybe more than one set of them, like […]

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Tamagotchi Headed to the Movies

On 1 June 2007 Reuters reported from Tokyo an animated film is planned for release this December featuring several Tamagotchi characters befriending a human girl that shows up at their home. The movie will be distributed by Toho Co.

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Welcome to the Virtual Pets Blog

We will be briefly covering each of the latest developments in virtual pets here while we continue to post larger articles and studies on our Virtual Pet Home Page We also welcome any comments or suggestions you may have for our Virtual Pets Blog. Polson Enterprises

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