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Proctor and Gamble lets women design the perfect man and keep him in an aquarium on their desktop. Manquarium asks for your name, lets you pick from some body types, gives you the opportunity to upload a photo of your boy friends face to stick on him, then asks you a few questions about where […]

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PARO Mental Commit Robot

PARO is a Mental Commitment Robot. They are designed to interact with humans and encourage formation of emotional bonds between human and virtual pet. Their purpose is to provide psychological effects (like relaxation and motivation), physiological effects (like improvements in the human’s vital signs), and social effects (like encouraging communication between patients and caregivers in […]

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A 27 June 2007 Sega Toys press release announces realistic plush cat, owl and parrot editions to their robotic Dream Pet (Yume-Petto) lineup. These are very high quality plush pets and present their owners with life like experiences. Other current or recent Sega Dream Pets include: Yume-Neko, Smile the Robotic Cat as shown in a […]

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Walking a Virtual Dog

Back on 1 May 2007 Tokyomango blogged a virtual dog walking arcade game in Japan. You walk on a treadmill while holding the leash of a fake dog (looks a bit like one of the pony’s you used to ride a the supermarket). You walk in front of a video screen like those those sometimes […]

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Sega Toys quite recently added an iPenguin to their lineup along with iDog and others. Plug in your MP3 player and iPenguin will act as a speaker and respond with actions to your music. Penguins are really hot this year. We look for more to follow before it cools off. I still think about my […]

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Roboco desktop pet coming from Tomy

Roboco will go on sale in August for about $10 per Amazon Japan. The new pet from Tomy Corporation is highlighted in a post on <3 Yen. its ears can flap, it can shake, and even sing a song.

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