Did You Know? Napoleon reportedly carried chocolate on all his military campaigns.
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Proctor and Gamble lets women design the perfect man and keep him in an aquarium on their desktop. Manquarium asks for your name, lets you pick from some body types, gives you the opportunity to upload a photo of your boy friends face to stick on him, then asks you a few questions about where you go for a perfect date, what kind of presents he would bring you for your birthday, how he would cheer you up,  and how he should compliment you.

Its a nice way to develop a relationship with their customers and push a few products in the background. Your “man” swims in his aquarium, raps on the glass, and compliments you.

Objects in the background of the aquarium seem to change depending on your answers to the questions.   He is sort of a virtual pet, but doesn’t need any care, he just lavishes his “owner” with compliments.

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