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Choro Mode Pet

Released back in early 2005, we include Choro Mode Pet here due to its unique method of control. A little cable connects the small robotic pet to the headphone jack of a Japanese mobile phone. The pet is then controlled by the “sounds” of you pressing the keys. For example: 1 to go left, 2 to go straight, 3 to go right. Plus it had some special action: **7999# to go in circles, **11111233# to feed it, **1114# to sing, **99111999911# to see the ghost and get scared.

Takara apparently used this same technology in a small racecar at that time.

The technology gadget blogs poked a lot of fun at the Japanese for not having bluetooth on their phones when this pet came out. That’s funny considering how far we still are behind the rest of the world in accepting cell phone technologies.

The photo above is from 3yen.com. They also had photos of a cat and a rabbit

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