Did You Know? 17 Percent of humans, gorillas, and chimpanzees are left handed.
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Pet PreservationsPet Preservations is one of several firms that can freeze dry your “real” pet when it dies so it can remain on display in your home as sort of a “virtual” pet.

They mention burial of pets is not an option in some locations, or you may move on later. Pet preservation is presented as a comforting alternative to burial or cremation.

The process is also called Freeze Dried Taxidermy. Some people just take their pet to the local taxidermist, but they use standard forms to mount most wild animals and those do not seem to “fit” pets into realistic behaviors.

Pets must be frozen shortly after death and then shipped to the site. The process takes several months.

Again, not a true virtual pet, but another example of something in the middle.

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