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The opportunity to save real souls by saving their virtual souls first is being recognized by an academic with ties to the Catholic Church. A 27 July 2007 Reuters report in Red Herring titled, Spreading the Gospel in Second Life. La Civilta Cattolica, a Jesuit journal published from Rome recently carried a message from Antonio Spardaro, an academic, urging Catholics to enter Second Life, gain an understanding of the game, and use the opportunity to meet people and grow. His article reports several religions already have churches and temples there.

He mentioned one Swedish Muslim says his avatar prays as regularly as he prays in real life.

A 16 July 2007 article in the Washington Post, Finding Religion in Second Life’s Virtual Universe, reports several religious groups based on well known religions are doing well in Second Life. As usual, there are a few folks a little further off the beaten path. Avatars for Change, is a multi-faith group that follows the words of the Great Avatar, or supreme being, by consulting an Avatarian Oracle. LifeChurch.tv, based here in Oklahoma broadcasts its weekly sermon to 12 locations AND to its virtual church in Second Life.

We noticed The Anglican Church in Second Life has a blog that talks quite a bit about their experiences in Second Life and has links to many other discussions of the concept of religion in virtual communities.

In April 2007, a seminar was held on Transhumanism and Religion in Second Life.

Whether you are a real person, a virtual pet, or an avatar, we encourage you to get your life in order. We will try to do the same. The Virtual Pets Blog.

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