Did You Know? A study conducted in Germany appears to show listening to loud rock music causes homosexuality in rats.
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Back on 15 May 2007, Lauren Moores wrote a nice piece, Kids Toy Crazes Go Virtual, on Compete using data from the 2 million plus users of their toolbar to estimate total U.S. traffic levels over the past year at Neopets, Webkinz, and Clubpenguin. They indicate about a tie of 2.75 million unique individuals visiting both Neopets and Webkins per month at the end of March 2007 (Neopets had long been the leader but Webkins has been closing fast) and Club Penguin coming on strong at about 2.25 million unique visitors per month. The charts also show Shining Star, another plush pet with an online community and the most recent entry, at less than 1 percent of the Virtual Pet Community U.S. traffic.

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