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Back in the early days we thought caring for a virtual pet could be a training ground for caring for a “real” pet. Now we see things have gone one step further down the ladder. A bookstore in Fairhope Alabama is now offering a workshop on how to care for a virtual pet, more specifically, how to properly care for a Webkinz in the Webkinz online community.

Per a BaldwinCountyNow.com article dated July 18, 2007, Page & Pallete Bookstore will offer the workshop on Saturday afternoon “due to popular demand.”  It will focus on the fun things kids can do online with their pet and how to care for their virtual pets. A local chiropractor will talk “about the importance of selecting healthy foods for themselves and their Webkinz.”

The chiropractor said her goal is to “teach the children why it’s important to feed their Webkinz well.”

By the way, the store is selling Webkinz and has a promotional punch card tracking your purchases. Buy 5 and you get one free.

Maybe there is a market for “imaginary pets” kids can care for to work their way up to caring for virtual pets?

The full article titled, Workshop Invites Children to Enter the World of Virtual Pets,  is available from BaldwinCountyNow.com

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