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Test Tube Aliens from 4Kidz

We find these pets extremely interesting. Although somewhat basic, they reopen an old category (Sea Monkeys) and open a new one (direct Internet to virtual pet interaction via flashing lights) that may provide many opportunities for future virtual pet designers. The brief instructions below come from their online instruction manual. You can also watch a […]

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Aquapict Jellyfish from Banpresto

Banpresto’s Aquapict Jellyfish led light has been a huge hit in Japan.  Its sort of a mood light made from virtual aquarium that needs no attention. You just turn it on and three very lifelike jellyfish made of silicon randomly float around. Each aquarium contains 12 different colors of lights. After two hours, it automatically […]

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Private Ocean from Sega Toys

CScout Japan reported on 30 June 2007 they saw Sega Toys’ new Private Ocean at the Tokyo Toy Show. Somewhat similar to Ant’s Life Studio, but it has over 100 different ocean creatures. Private Ocean becomes your own private ocean. You can change the background and the screen is backlit if different colors. It includes […]

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