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Private Ocean from Sega Toys

CScout Japan reported on 30 June 2007 they saw Sega Toys’ new Private Ocean at the Tokyo Toy Show. Somewhat similar to Ant’s Life Studio, but it has over 100 different ocean creatures. Private Ocean becomes your own private ocean. You can change the background and the screen is backlit if different colors. It includes […]

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Otoizm Yo-Yo from Konami

Konami showed Otoizm at the Tokyo Toy Forum, then released it in June 2006 . This pet needs to be fed music. You basically wire it in series with your MP3 Player and the pet grows according to what kind of music you feed it (it classifies music into 19 types). The entire system is […]

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Sega Toys quite recently added an iPenguin to their lineup along with iDog and others. Plug in your MP3 player and iPenguin will act as a speaker and respond with actions to your music. Penguins are really hot this year. We look for more to follow before it cools off. I still think about my […]

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